Beans and Greens and what it means

First of all, a couple of disclaimers.  I am not a writer.  Expect spelling and grammar errors.  I know that I am about 15 years late in having my own blog….oh well.

Beans and Greens is a farm in New Hampshire close to my family’s summer cabin at Lake Winnipesaukee.  We shop there on a daily basis when we are at the Lake.  Over time Beans and Greens has also become an idea in my mind, a farmstead that I would like to have here at my home in beautiful Creston California.  It has become the inspiration for The Creston Nugget Farm.  The history goes like this…

I have been growing winegrapes and making wine here in the Central Coast since 2002.  I had always wanted to grow more food in addition to the booze, so I started by growing an awesome garden that feeds my family and lots of friends.  Next came a whole bunch of heirloom variety chickens for eggs, then geese, then all natural grass fed beef, and then all natural meat chickens.  I love animals and want them to have a really great life before I eat ’em.

Here on my Creston Nugget blog I plan to share what I’m doing here at home: raising chickens for meat and eggs, turkeys, grass fed beef, lots of vegetables,  growing winegrapes and making wine, and loving my two little girls (they are not for eating) .  I also want to start sharing the stories of other small family farmers by visiting them and writing about their farms.

I hope that this will be enjoyable and educational for all involved.


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