Will Dog

This is Will. He is dog number five of my five dogs.  Hard to believe that someone could dump such a cute little guy at the tender age of 10 weeks old on the side of the road and expect him to find his way in the world.  Lucky for him, he found his way to me!  He was sick and very dehydrated but after some fluids and TLC he perked up.  I had four, count ’em, four potential homes for him but when push came to shove they all fell through.  By that time he had claimed me as his human and moved into his place in my pack.  He has gotten into some serious trouble: lost a canine tooth chasing cars and biting moving tires, killed 20 of my 45 chickens in a single work day, loves to chew on my work boots.  Still, I love him.  But it took at least a week for me to forgive him for killing my chickens.  He is a great reminder of why it is so important to spay or neuter your pets and be a responsible pet owner.


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