Stanford Wine Tasting

My trip to Stanford was great!  I met some very interesting people and enjoyed sharing my wines with about 30 Stanford Law Graduates who are currently studying for the bar exam.

One of my goals is to learn something new every day.  I learned so much during this visit!  I learned that Stanford has a beautiful campus.  I learned that all bar exams across the country happen on July 20th so if all the smart people you know suddenly disappear for a couple of days on July 20th you know where they are.  I learned that not all states have reciprocal agreements so if a person passes the bar in New York they cannot necessarily practice law in California, unless California has a reciprocal agreement. This seems so silly to me.  Very similar to the confusing and foolish laws governing wine sales from state to state.   Even today, we are talking 2011 here people, it is a felony for me to sell wine to grown adults in 13 states.

Three of the people I met there are soldiers.  My dad is a retired Army Officer and the military was a big part of my life growing up so it was great to talk to them and learn more about what they do.  One is a West Point grad who now teaches there.  His wife was a Marine who graduated from the Naval Academy at Annapolis and just finished law school at Stanford.  Another was her friend, also a graduate of the Naval Academy who now flies search and rescue helicopters for the Navy.  Really interesting people.  I thank them all for their service to our country.

My hosts were a couple who have become friends over the course of several tasting appointments.  I am so proud to say that they have chosen to serve two of my wines at their wedding in September.  I’m honored!  Another host I’m sad to say I don’t really know that well but hope to stay in touch in the future.  And I was really bad with taking pictures.  I didn’t get the camera out one time!


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