Atascadero Hay and Feed

Lots of my friends talk about shopping all the time.  They take trips to San Francisco or Santa Barbara to shop at Nordstrom and other department stores.  I don’t fit in during those conversations.  I never go anywhere requiring anything other than work clothes.  Villa Creek is about the fanciest place that I go to and it is totally acceptable to walk in the door and sit at any table in the restaurant wearing work boots and dirty jeans.  In fact, it makes the whole experience a little more authentic for the tourists visiting Paso Robles.  Dressing up for me is a white button down shirt with a clean pair of jeans and “dress” boots.  I actually think I look pretty presentable in that get-up.

So, one of my favorite places to shop (and learn) is Atascadero Hay and Feed.  The thing that is a bummer is that they often have really cute baby animals for sale there.  This makes it difficult to get my girls out the door.

Guinea Hen Chicks

Atascadero Hay and Feed is owned by Kevin Buffet.  He does a great job of giving kids summer and after school work.  He gave my daughters the opportunity to volunteer during Chick Days.  They had so much fun helping customers find the chicks they were looking for and steering them into the right chicks for the job if they didn’t have a particular breed in mind.

Owner Kevin Buffet (left) with an employee

I’m usually in here once or twice a week to buy animal feed and catch up on what all the kids are doing, who’s showing what at the fair, give my kids time to harass whatever little animals are there and to complain about the current price of diesel.

So now if Kevin would just start selling groceries, jeans and boots I wouldn’t have to go anywhere else to get my shopping done.  Talk about convenience!


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