Calcareous Vineyards

This is the view out the window of my truck when I go to work at Calcareous Vineyards.  Not too shabby, eh?  I am their vineyard consultant, helping them grow grapes that fit the quality, yield and price range for the wines that they produce.  All of this must be done while keeping an eye on the bottom line.  This may not sound difficult, but sometimes it can be a lot to juggle.  Particularly during harvest when I’ve been awake for too many hours and stuff needs to happen and it needs to happen now and nobody else can make it happen but me.  (That barely ever happens.)

I work with Jason, the winemaker, and Rory, the assistant winemaker to get this mission accomplished.  We strategize about how to manipulate winegrape quality in the vineyard so that they all they have to do in the winery is clean stuff.  (Just joking!  Well, not really.)

But the guy that really matters is Martin.  He is the one that makes it all happen.  Martin carries out all of the processes that Jason and Rory and I decide on in order to grow the best grapes we can for the brand.  Martin is the guy that pulls the trigger and gets it done.  We could not do our jobs without him!

And the winery dogs, Salty and Abigail play very important roles also.  They make us all remember that fun is an important part of the equation.

If you would like to experience the beautiful view, delicious wines, and meet Salty and Abigail, visit Calcareous Vineyards on your next trip to Paso Robles.  Hours and tasting information at


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