Crazy thought for today (and yesterday)

Okay brace yourself (especially you mom) before you read any further.  All day yesterday and now this morning I keep thinking about homeschooling.  I’m only thinking!  Just seems like I would be saved a lot of time driving around, not having to fight and rush with the kids to get ready in the morning.  There are a lot of co-op groups out there that homeschool as a group.  There is just one little problem…the kids would be with me all the time!  Oh yeah, that.  Figuring out how I would do my consulting, etc. would be a challenge.  Also not sure if it would be the right thing for the kids.  Just a thought.  If any of my SEVEN WHOLE SUBSCRIBERS have ever considered it let’s start a discussion.  Comments please…Mom, you can even list the reasons this is NOT a good idea.

My girls with their Cochins


One response

  1. I think you could do a better job homeschooling. With all the local groups and what the school district requires I think it would be good. Not to mention the $’s saved.

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