Morro Bay Beach Day

We spent a sunny day in Morro Bay over the weekend.  On most visits to Morro Bay no matter what time of year I am usually covered from head to toe in Patagonia gear including a down puffer jacket.  This place is freezing, people, and I mean cold.  I call it the arctic tundra.  It is often so cold that if we pulled into the parking lot and saw a penguin I wouldn’t even bat an eye.  Imagine my surprise and sheer happiness when we came into sight of the rock with no fog on the horizon.  I nearly jumped for joy.  Still, at 54 degrees it was not warm, but the sun was out so that made it bearable.

Some surfing went down.

As well as some boogie boarding…

And shell hunting…

And I went for a serious run for the first time since I saw my life pass before my eyes during mile 12 of my first and last half marathon that I ran last October.  It felt pretty good and made me think for a brief moment that maybe I might start running more regularly again.  Notice the total lack of commitment in that last sentence.  The recent appearance of love handles hanging over the top of my pants helped my brain with the production of the thought of running more frequently (when you are leaning over the sink brushing your teeth and the movement of your arm makes your gut jiggle the reflection in the mirror is not appealing.  I call that shaky puddin’.).  I did finish the half marathon and did not have to be hauled away by an ambulance so I consider it a success, but I don’t have plans to put myself through that experience again anytime soon.


2 responses

  1. Ummmmmm! Shaky puddin. I know what you mean. Mom and I had BBQ for lunch yesterday and stopped at Braums for a banana split and hot fudge sundae. I am going to have to drop some pounds before I can get in my running shorts,

  2. Start running again! From my experience, the second one is A LOT easier. The third is even easier, etc.
    I have to say I have been to Morro Bay many times and the warmest day I spent there was in December…so weird

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