In an effort to recruit more subscribers and viewers to my blog I am offering my first contest, inspired by Pioneer Woman.  I am going to give a mixed case of my red wines to the person who refers the most new visitors to my blog.  The new visitors should note in a comment who referred them.  Person whose name appears the most times before midnight Friday wins.  Also, I am going to give a case of La Chuparosa (Rose) to email subscriber #50.  We’ll see how long that takes!  The only disqualifier is that I cannot send wine to the 13 states in the US where it is a felony for me to ship wine.  Those states are: AL, AR, DE, KY, ME, MD, MA, MS, MT, NJ, OK, PA, SD, TN, and UT.  If the winner(s) come from one of those states I will find a non-alcoholic prize to send to you.  Olive oil from Paso Robles?


11 responses

  1. Hilary, I love your blog. Very interesting and your photos are stunning. I will enjoy following your adventures! Proud of you too and your sewing accomplishments!

  2. Hi Hilary, Your mom gets the credit! Tell the girls hello! I have enjoyed reading your blog and seeing the pics! Diana

  3. Fabulous Hilary! Makes me miss our sewing conversations. Loved your bit about the feed store! So true; we’ve been twice this week! And somehow a new chick made it home with us.

    • I know! I miss sewing class so much. Have been trying to do some easy stuff at home with my NEW sewing machine! super fun. I’m not surprised you made it home with another chick. Happens (almost) every time.

  4. I love your blog too! I love reading healthy lifestyle stuff. Sarah G. told me about it! If you send her the wine tell her to share it with me!

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