Not so cute and then I eat ’em

I am processing a new batch of meat birds this week.  I have 20 available at $25 each.  Average weight is about 5 lbs.  They have been raised outside in a coop that gives them shade and plenty of room to walk around.  I’m not sure if you’ve ever seen meat chickens before, but they don’t actually move around much, even when given the opportunity to do so.  I raise Cornish crosses for meat, and they prefer to stay pretty close to their food source.  As a result of their breeding, they grow very fast.  I butcher my birds at 8 weeks old.  They are fed 100% organic food and live in an environment that is as stress free as possible.  They are not pretty or cute like laying hens, and they don’t have much of a personality.  Still, as with all my animals that I grow for food, it’s important to me that they have a great life while they are here.  These birds have!

Anyone interested in purchasing chickens can reach me by email at or by telephone at (805) 674-1686.


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