California Mid-State Fair!

Yesterday was the first day of the California Mid-State Fair, and the girls and I were there all day for the 4-H poultry show.  We were so proud of our sweet little friend who placed 2nd in her division, which is quite an accomplishment considering the size of the group and the fact that she is the youngest in it.

The next proud moment came when her  big sister won Best in Show overall with her modern game bantam and two 1st place finishes in showmanship in her division.

And here is me looking totally amazed and speechless after being taught by a 15 year old that my iPhone, which I have had forever, can take pictures in two directions.  Technology is not really my thing but come on Hilary!  Get with the program!

Also seen at the fair: all the young girls wearing booty shorts.  Ladies, since when is it cool to have your two butt cheeks hanging out of the back of your shorts, and your pocket linings hanging out of the front?  News flash: If you ain’t Beyonce, you do not look good in this get up…Oooo-Kay?  And as hard as it is to hear it, somebody should have told you so before you left the house.  In addition to not being practical, there is no way that this is comfortable!  I mean, puh-lease. This is called a trend, and you shoulda skipped it.  Luckily for all of you, I did not take any and so will not post any photos here.

Hmmm, this is sort of straying from my normal gardening/farming theme so even though I have so much more to say on the topic of what one should and should not wear to the California Mid-State Fair and the supreme level of people watching that can be done there I think I better stop and regroup.


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