Today’s Garden Harvest

Holy cow, it’s been way too long since I’ve posted something here!  My last blog post went over like a fart in church so I’ve decided to try to keep my political opinions to myself for a while and stick to the fun stuff.

Since I’ve been home from vacation I’ve decided that I never want to leave home again!  Well, maybe just for quick trips now and then.  But I live in such a beautiful place and I appreciate that so much.  I’ve been busy with the garden, my animals, and just catching up on stuff.  Sorry for the lapse in posts.

Here is what I picked in my garden today.  Thought it made a pretty picture and summed up what goes on at my house on Sundays.  Now to the kitchen to cook it!

I feel sort of guilty enjoying a sunny day in the garden while my family back East deals with a 2 foot long hole in the roof, courtesy of a big tree limb felled by Tropical Storm Irene.  No electricity and switching out buckets to catch the rain water pouring through the roof doesn’t sound like my idea of fun.


2 responses

  1. Just so you know that we are not frozen all year here in Minnesota I have sent you a picture of today’s harvest from my garden!! Your last post was right on!!!! I have farted in church and nothing bad happened (no bolts of lightening or even quizzical looks from elderly congregants – don’t know if their senses have left them or if they weren’t sure if it was self inflicted).
    Good to have you back – keep up the good work – whatever the subject!

  2. I’ve been wondering how you were doing and if you were back yet. Thinking of your garden also as I have been out every morning bringing in baskets of veggies. Doesn’t sound like mom and dad are having much fun though. Glad that there wasn’t more damage. Give them my best when you talk to them.

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