Summer Fun

Today I thought I would post some of my favorite photos from the summer.  You know, keep it fresh in my mind for as long as possible, because Fall is sneaking up on me.  My kids go back to school on September 12th, and harvest is on the horizon.  So here are some highlights that I would like to share.

Charlotte is always hamming it up for the camera.  This is an action shot of her jumping off the dock at the Lake.

One of the things we like to do in NH is climb Mt. Major.  It’s a good morning activity that usually includes at least one kid crying at least two times.  Here are the girls at the summit.

Of course, we do some serious eating of S’mores during BBQ season.  These are the giant campfire marshmallows I blogged about earlier in the summer.  Super yummy.

Me waterskiing…not to bad for an old lady I guess.  I don’t do tricks though.  Crossing the wake is the extent of my capabilities.

Here is Simon waterskiing.  Show-off.  So now you see where Charlotte gets her inspiration for being silly for the camera.  And by the way, I took this picture about 2.7 seconds before Simon threw his back out and had to be laid up for the rest of his vacation.

Marina did great on the kayak!  And what an arm work out that is.

Geo-caching is a really fun family activity that we have been doing lately.  (I will do a post about geo-caching in the future.)  Here we are geo-caching at the Pemigewasset River in Campton NH.  That is a covered bridge (The Blair Bridge) that we are under.  The cache is somewhere on the center support.  We never did find this one.  That happens sometimes!  But I will tell you one thing.  My feet will never be the same.  I crossed this river barefoot and it was painful.

This is a beautiful shot of the Blair Bridge.  Hurricane Irene brought so much rain to the area that the water level rose very high and water flowed through the bridge.  Along came a fallen tree down the river and punctured a hole in the side of the Blair Bridge.  Really sad, although the damage is repairable.


One response

  1. Hi Hilary,
    Thanks so much for sharing your pictures of the lake..They brought back
    great memories of spending time up there with your Mom, Martha and Ola &
    Chuck. It has always been one of my most favorite places 🙂
    I love following your blog and seeing how happily you and your family live!
    Take Care, Patty

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