My Life this Week…

I won’t be posting much this week because I am taking my daughters to New York City! It’s going to be an exciting trip for all of us.  What am I thinking, leaving during harvest?  Well, the timing is bad, I know, but it coincides with a school trip that I wasn’t ok with so we are taking advantage of the class being closed for the week to have an intensive, learn-by-doing, few days of travel. Our plans in NY are to focus on learning about art history.  We will be visiting some museums with our resident art expert, my sister-in-law, (I’m not kidding, she’s a REAL expert.) who lives in NYC.  We will also visit Ellis Island, see a Broadway show, have tea at the Plaza Hotel, etc.  I will take lots of photos and will share all about the trip when we return in a few days.

I’ll be hoping for the best here at home as unsavory weather arrives on Wednesday, bringing up to an inch of rain (possible snow), followed by freezing temperatures for three nights.  Not an ideal situation for still having more than half of our grapes for vintage 2011 hanging on the vine, but I have lots of experience with rolling with Mother Nature’s punches.  I will make the best of whatever comes of the situation!

Have a great week everyone!


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