Home Sweet Drama

Not even 24 hours at home after bright lights, big city and I had a bonafide country girl problem on my hands.  The brand inspector called to say that two of my steers (I currently have 3 available for purchase: 1/4, 1/2 or whole, $8/lb.) were on my neighbor’s property.  I was on the complete other side of town when this call came in, checking rural mountain vineyards far on the westside.  I drove home as fast as possible, and called my dad on the way to see if he would go with me to shoot any crazy wild pigs that might jump out of the bushes and attack me (he took a pass).

Here is the fence that I needed to check.

So it was just me and my boots that were made for walkin’.

I found the hole in the fence and called in some backup to repair the hole.  My thoughts changed to, “How in the HELL am I going to get these animals back on my side of the fence?”  I wondered if dog biscuits might lure them through.  Hmmm, probably not.

I enjoyed the beautiful day.  Here is Mo on our side of the fence, looking lonely because Curly and Larry have escaped to the neighbor’s side.

I saw this beautiful blue sky and swirly white clouds.

Dead animal skulls.

Rugged landscapes.

And my own long shadow.

How does the drama end?  Not very exciting really.  The neighbor is going to call us when he gets the steers in a pen and we will go get them then.

New York City stories coming soon!  It was a great trip.  And now to bed because I’m picking grapes tomorrow!  Out the door early to get it all done.

And just FYI, all photos in this post were taken with my iPhone.


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