New York City!

We had a great time in NYC!  Here are the things we loved most, in no particular order:

1.  Cupcakes!  The girls loved the fact that Sprinkles is about 150 steps from the door of Auntie’s apartment.

2.  Pizza!  You know me…always hungry, always looking for some new delicious thing.  Or some old delicious thing, for that matter.  We had some of the best pizzas ever at Grimaldi’s in Brooklyn.  Silly me, I left the doggie bag on the table, robbing us of the chance to experience it again later on.

3.  Occupy Wall Street!  Ok, so this was an accidental experience.  After Grimaldi’s we planned to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge back to Manhattan.  So we arrived at the Brooklyn Bridge to have one of NYC’s finest ladies in blue tell us that the Bridge was closed and would be closed for two more hours.  What?!?!  About 32 seconds later the Occupy Wall Street protestors came around the corner and walked onto the closed Brooklyn Bridge.  Being the rebels that we are, we didn’t miss a beat and followed them right onto that bridge and proceeded to stick with our original plan.  The girls learned about protesting and we got to walk across the bridge.  I did want to ask the cop though (but I didn’t), why is the bridge closed for all the regular folks and open for the protestors?  Not fair.  And isn’t the whole point of their protest about fairness?

4.  Statue of Liberty!  Very beautiful in person.

5.  Metropolitan Museum of Art! Go there and plan to spend a long time wandering around with your mouth open.  UH-mazing.  I was too busy taking it all in to take any pictures.

6. Central Park!  The kids loved it and I did too.  Such a crazy mix of the country in the city.

7.  Natural History Museum!  Great for families.  We could have spent a week here and not seen everything.  The dinosaurs were a hit with my girls.

8.  The Lion King on Broadway!  Again, no photos of this but the show was amazing and I highly recommend it for all ages.

9.  Tea at the Plaza Hotel!  The girls really enjoyed this, and it was a nice way to have a little bit of down time after lots of walking.

10.  The American Girl Doll Store and Dylan’s Candy Bar!  Yes, it is true…your doll can have a  facial at the American Girl Doll Salon.  ‘Nuff said.

Overall, it was a really great trip.  We had amazing weather and the girls and I both learned a lot.  I’m really glad that we had the opportunity to go!


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