My First Quilt

I made my first quilt!  It’s for baby Alba Fiorentini.  She loves it, or so I’m told by her sweet mama.  It’s folded in half in this photo but you get the idea.  I chose a polka dotted flannel for the back and prints for the quilt with a common theme of yellow, orange and pink.  I really enjoyed making it because it kept my interest throughout the project.  Well, maybe I got a little bored with cutting all those squares, but it passed by pretty quickly.  Because it’s for a baby I used a thick cotton batting in the middle.  I’m really happy with how it turned out and it was a lot of fun to give it to my friend Jordan for her tiny new girl.

And…we just got home from a surf trip to Fiji!  I’m busy writing about it now.  Will post pictures and stories soon.

On a sadder note, Mango got castrated today.  As my new friend Jason on Tavarua would say, Mango is now seedless.  I watched the whole process from start to finish, but refrained from taking photos.  I decided that even for MY blog, photos might be a little heavy.   It was gnarly but he is fine.  I felt like an idiot for covering my ears while watching the surgery.  I don’t think there were any sounds being made, but it made me feel better somehow.  I think the vet and his assistant probably laughed all the way home.  My friend Mandy (she’s a horse girl) told me to make sure my dogs were closed in the yard because the vet would throw the testicles on the ground and the dogs would eat them.  I thought she was kidding!  It was true.  That’s enough I think…

Happy Monday to everyone! (except Mango)


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  1. Congrats on the quilt – quite an undertaking. But….. where is the ol’ entrepreneurial spirit? Good heavens you have morphed from wine to chickens to beef. I see Anthony Bourdain and Andrew Zimmer eat those things all the time on the Travel Channel. Surely there are many Californians that would pay good money for those donkey apples. Poor Mango – we males only live for those parts! 🙂

    • Hi Paul! It was quite an experience with Mango yesterday, but today he is doing fine. I took him for a walk (I have do to this for 20 minutes twice a day for two weeks) and he just wanted to eat grass and cruise around. I will keep you posted on his progress. I must say, if I had that anatomy I don’t think I could have watched the surgery.

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