Hilary’s Tavarua Surf Adventures

I am a novice surfer and definitely not a thrill-seeker.  I don’t surf at home in California because the water is bloody cold.  Ice cream headache cold.  I can no longer feel my feet after 15 minutes cold.  Additionally, we have these little things here called Great White Sharks.  A big one named Junior hangs around the beach close to my home.  I know this because my good friend Amy Grace, who makes THE most insanely beautiful jewelry which I am known to splurge on frequently, is married to a real-life shark researcher.  His name is Dr. Michael Dormeier and he has tagged a lot of Great White Sharks.  Now he has created an app called Expedition White Shark that lets you track the location of the tagged sharks.  That’s how I know where Junior hangs out.  My kids check the location of all the heavies on a daily basis.

I’m not staying on task, am I?  Back to surfing at Tavarua…

Surfing small, perfect, fun waves in warm water, wearing a bikini is more my speed.  I am definitely not a skilled surfer, but it is fun just the same, even if you don’t know what you are doing.  The following photos were all taken by Scott Winer and show me surfing at Swimming Pools, which is a spot at Namotu, another island with a surf camp that neighbors Tavarua.  I had even more fun a few days before this surfing at Tavarua Rights, but there was no one with us to document the occasion.

Copyright Scott Winer

Copyright Scott Winer

Copyright Scott Winer

Copyright Scott Winer


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