How it Feels to be Hunted

I’ve been busy with some crazy stuff (and I’m not talking about farm work), thus the break in my blogging.  But I’m back and I’m better, and believe me, I really missed writing!  While I was away I learned a new skill which has become a bit of a hobby:  shooting guns.  It’s the perfect activity for an OCD being such as myself.  And I am pretty dang good at it.  The drive to be perfect is a strong one, and there is no tricking a target.  Either you hit it or you don’t. Thank you Daddy, for all those years teaching me how to hit my golf target.  Turns out, the same principles apply in marksmanship.   As I’m sure you can guess, my poor husband is thrilled with this added distraction.  So much so that he bought me a gun for Mother’s Day.  It’s a Browning .17 caliber rifle for shooting squirrels.  I would venture to guess that I am now one of very few card-carrying NRA members who is a registered Democrat.  Just goes to show you that we don’t all fit in the check-boxes provided.  And THAT has been an important lesson learned in my life.

On to the updates:  Here is what has been going on in the life and times of the Creston Nugget.

I got a call from my Dad that Daisy found a tiny baby rabbit.  I picked it up and took it to school to show all the kids, then stopped at the feed store for kitten replacement formula which we fed to this baby bunny with an eye dropper for a couple of days.  It’s eyes and ears were not even open.  The girls made it a little nest out of American Girl doll accessories from the Indian doll, Kaya, and her dog, Tatlo.  Sorry Auntie Sarah, but they were definitely put to good use.  We noticed that the bunny had a funny leg that sort of hung there and didn’t do much, but it was so tiny we didn’t think much of it.  Days went by and the baby bunny opened his eyes!  We were so excited.  But that meant that he started moving around a little.  Soon the dangly leg was not a good situation.  The more he moved the worse it got.  Finally the bunny made a turn for the worse.  He was sick and suffering and it wasn’t fair to keep him around.  We buried him next to a beautiful peony bush (bowl of cream) that bloomed only a few days later.

Baby Bunny opens his eyes

I planted my okra, along with all the rest of my garden.  It’s looking great!  Will be turning off the water to the garlic soon.  Update photos to follow.

And a gigantic gopher snake decided that he would like to visit my garden and chicken coop.  I think he has been eating eggs to support his large stature.

Soon after, a GI-Gantic rattler decided that he wanted to visit us as well.  Now I can handle the gopher snake but this guy gave me a serious case of the heebie-jeebies.  He escaped into the rock wall where I am sure he is still living today.  I hope to never see him again.

Holy Cow

The vineyard is looking more beautiful than ever, and we managed to escape frost season with very few frost events.  A great change from vintage 2011.

The girls had fun in their school production of The Wizard of Oz.

Here’s to all things Spring!



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