Old Spots in the House

My pigs have arrived!  After a long but beautiful drive home from Oregon, the last two hours of it through 109 degree heat, my three Gloucestershire Old Spot pigs are happily getting used to their new home.  The two gilts, Marion and Margaret, are happy, inquisitive, friendly, and fun to be with.  The little boar, Markus, is still a little shy but he is getting used to us more and more each day.  Margaret in particular is a little bit of an attention hog, pun intended.

Margaret getting a scratch

I’ve never had pigs before and there are so many things about them that are amazing.  First of all, they are very dog-like.  They come running to greet me when I go into their paddock, and not only when I have food.  Also, both of the girls go to one little corner of the paddock to go to the bathroom.  It makes for an easier clean up, which I am grateful for.

Marion and Margaret

Also, they love their mud hole!  It is really cute to watch them dig and roll around in it.  This is Marion in her element.  I named her Marion because the pigs came from a breeder in Marion County Oregon.

Marion the Muddy Pig

The plan for these three pigs is that they will be my breeding stock.  I will sell baby Old Spots with good confirmation to others who want to breed them, some will be for meat for my family and for me to sell to others for meat (whole or half hogs only), and I’m also hoping to sell some to 4-H’ers although I’m not sure if there is a place for Old Spots in the show circuit.   I plan to write a little more another time about the history of this heritage breed and why it is important for us to preserve them.


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