Do What You Love…


Lately, my days have been long.  Somewhere in between washing out chicken waterers and watching grapevines grow, I often realize that I haven’t posted anything on my blog in forever.  The time to sit down and make that happen just has not presented itself.  I still need to write about my favorite leg of our High Sierra Camp trip!  Still, so many things have happened lately that make me realize how lucky I am to be able to live the life I’m living.

I said goodbye to one of my college professors a couple of weeks ago.  He had cancer and was on hospice care.  I had never said goodbye to someone who was dying before and I didn’t know what to expect.  Although he was skinny, he seemed to be doing so well.  He was totally mentally with it, moving around, looking really good.  We had a glass of champagne and toasted our friendship, I told him that he made a difference in my life, we said goodbye.  I felt really good about spending time with him.  Five days later he died.  He told me during our visit that life is all about doing what you love, living where you love, being with the people you love…a perspective that I am trying to keep in mind everyday.

I feel lucky to be living a relatively simple life, away from crowds of people and traffic, no smog or light pollution, with my garden and my animals and my grapevines.  I’m lucky to be able to be available for my kids, to go on field trips, to spend days like yesterday watching them fish and swim and catch bullfrogs.  Without a TV we aren’t bombarded with marketing for froot loops and video games.  My commute is on foot from my house to the vineyard and back again.  My work is physically challenging, but it is fulfilling, and it gives me time to consider what is important.  I have no idea how I will feel about all of this 20 years from now, but today I’m grateful that I can do what I love, live where I love, and be with people I love.


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  1. Thanks for the reminder – just a lovely post. Life is indeed so short and we do not take the time to remember to cherish each day.

  2. Hilary,
    You are indeed so lucky to be living the life you want..but luckier still
    to know and appreciate what a gift that is.!
    Good for you 🙂

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