The Importance of Mental Toughness

Stubborn like a donkey or just plain tough?

Stubborn like a donkey or just plain tough?

I consider myself to very mentally tough (Thanks Daddy, for teaching me this skill).  Some people might say I’m stubborn, and I guess there could be some truth to that, but I don’t think the two concepts are synonymous.

Sometimes I fall victim to allowing myself to feel down in the dumps.  It doesn’t usually last long, and I feel stupid and pathetic for letting it happen at all.  And then something like this crosses my desk and I’m back to being good and strong and simple and grateful and a believer in the pure, gentle nature of the human spirit.

Stop what you are doing.  Read this now.  I read…A LOT.  Rarely have I read something as important and as touching, as inspiring, and as humbling as this.  Bret, Unbroken by  Steve Friedman


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  1. Wow, that took awhile, but really worth it. Thanks for sharing! Hey, what’s your status? Did you sell your winery and move, or what? I haven’t been hearing from you. Please sign up for my blog at Would love your feedback about my free e-book. Thanks! – Kaye

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