Mr. Markus

Baby Markus

Baby Markus

I have a sick boar on my hands.  Mr. Markus went off of his feed on Wednesday and has been overall lethargic ever since.  I took his temperature last night and it was 107 degrees.  How does one take the temperature of a 300 pound boar, you ask?  Well dear friends, it is done by inserting a thermometer into the pig’s rectum.  In order to successfully do this, the pig either has to be really sick or the human has to be really fast.  In this case, Markus is really sick, so he didn’t protest at all.

Markus all grown up

Markus all grown up

The vet came out this morning and declared his lungs clear, good gut sounds, etc., so we gave him an injection to try to bring the fever down and a dose of antibiotics in case the problem is bacterial in nature.  I’m hoping for a speedy recovery.  Keep your fingers crossed!  I’ll keep you posted.  Have a great weekend!


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  1. I hope he gets better, isn’t it awful when the vet has no idea either, though i would never be able to get a vet out here for a pig! ..My gilt went down and laid about miserable for a few days, she had a limp when she was walking, but kind of listed more than limped. in the end I gave her half an aspirin every four hours for a couple of days – I just made a slit in a banana and hand fed it to her, she rallied brilliantly and I was just so grateful.. c

    • Hi Ceceilia! Markus showed a little improvement today. He ate some grain and an apple, although he still isn’t moving around much. We think he has erysipelas. I’m keeping a close eye on him and administering meds. Hopefully he will get better soon! It’s nerve wracking for me to have a sick pig.

      • well you must feel much relieved if he is eating again, i say if the pigs don’t drink their milk (I have a house cow) they are on deaths door, they will walk over each other to get to the milk! I shall pop back tomorrow and see how he is.. c

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