Fall 2013 Ranch Package


Hello Friends!  After a busy few days I’m finally sitting down to do some “desk work”.

My next Ranch Package will be distributed to Ranch Club Members at our pick-up party on Saturday, November 2nd from 1-4pm.  The Ranch Package for Fall 2013 will be a 25lb box of All-Natural Grass Fed Beef and 6 bottles of Mighty Nimble wine (3 bottles 2011 Rock Candy, 2 bottles 2011 Fruit Tramp, 1 bottle 2011 Small Black).

To become a Ranch Club Member, all you have to do is purchase a Ranch Package…Simple!  Ranch Club Members receive complimentary tours and tasting at the winery, 20% discount on wine purchases of 6 bottles or more, and advance notice of special events.

Non-members can purchase beef or wine individually.  A 25lb box of Grass Fed Beef costs $275, and the wines are priced as follows: 2011 Rock Candy $32/bottle, 2011 Fruit Tramp $36/bottle, 2011 Small Black $65/bottle.

If you would like to place an order you can do so now by emailing me at Hilary@mightynimble.com.  I will take orders until September 28th, 2013.  I only harvest the number of steers needed to fill orders, so I usually don’t have any leftover beef to sell.

The pick-up party is a lot of fun, with great food by Chef Jed Lachance and plenty of Mighty Nimble wine.  And no promises, but I might be able to encourage an appearance by renowned western artist Bob Coronato, creator of the buckin’ bronco that appears on the Mighty Nimble label, and his lovely wife, Lisa.

Attendance at the pick-up party is complimentary for Ranch Club Members, and $30 per person for guests.

I am so appreciative of all the encouragement and excitement from all of you.  Thank you for supporting our family farming operation!


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      • Hi Gregory! So sorry for the delay in responding…I have ferments in the winery that have taken all of my attention for the last week. The box is made up of some steaks, some roasts, some braising meats (short ribs for example), and filled out with hamburger and stew meat. I can’t tell you what specific cuts you will get because each box is different. I hope this answers your question!

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