The Falconer’s Apprentice

DSC_8493 - Version 2

Hi Everyone!  I’ve been absent, I know…but writing here is on my mind often.  It is difficult to put into words exactly how busy this time of year can be for us.  The days are jam packed with picking and processing, driving to pick up and deliver fruit, monitoring ferments and managing people, feeding animals, loading cattle, and taking care of the land we have been trusted with.  Somewhere in there I have to handle paper work (most of the time, I skip that!), sell the wine I’ve made in past vintages, take care of my kids and my husband, cook, eat, sleep, and keep my teeth brushed.  In the middle of all of this activity I often think, “Oh, I’ll take a picture of that to document this craziness on my blog!”, but my phone tells me that I have no memory left with which to take pictures.  Bummer, dude.

But a fun thing happened yesterday when we hosted the lower elementary students at Children’s House Montessori School in Atascadero for a lesson about falcons and how we use them to control pests in the vineyard.  The kids are always fascinated by these amazing birds.  I am equally fascinated.  Each and every time I see them it is as exciting as the first time I saw them fly.  Marina announced today that she is going to apprentice in falconry next summer.  She made her debut today with Holly, pictured above.

In the winery things are humming right along.  I have a bunch of ferments that are ready to press so I’ll be doing that over the next few days.  Have a great weekend everyone, and I will try to post again soon!


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  1. I spent a couple of wonderful days at a resort north of Santa Barbara, and they use, in this case owls and hawks, I think, to keep down rodents. They are amazing creatures. Your home and ranch sound so awesome!

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