A Pirate’s Life For Me…

Some scenes from my day on the Morro Bay Yacht Club “Safety Boat” in Morro Bay Harbor (photos taken with my iPhone):


IMG_1712 IMG_1714I know these photos look pretty chill, but it was a crazy day on the water.  We had two “rescues”: one boat with a ripped main sail, the other lost their rudder.  We also had one woman overboard but she climbed back on before we could get to her and sailed two more races in the cold and wind.  How did I end up on the safety boat, you ask?  Divine intervention.  I committed to crew for my husband, which isn’t saying much because I am no sailor.  When we arrived Simon was chatting with another guy whose wife was actually sane and said hell no she was not sailing in the rain and during a small craft advisory, so Simon offered to crew for him and I was off the hook.  An invitation to ride along on the safety boat sounded like fun so I hopped on.  Even with moments of sheer terror, it was a fun day and I must have done a good job because I’ve been invited back on the safety boat for the regatta on December 14th.


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  1. That sounds very brave. Who helps out the safety boat if they should need help? I hope the weather is better on the 14th. Small craft advisory means it’s time for the pirates to go inside and have a little grog.

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