Daily Dose of Cute

Baby pigs guys!  I had lots of ’em.  They have all left my care and gone to their “forever” homes, but here is a little idea of just how cute they are.

The whole process begins when one of my pregnant sows starts building a nest.  I supply her with clean straw for nesting material, and she begins gathering mouthfuls and building a nest in her house.  This is the first stage of labor.  When her nest is sufficiently fluffy and comfortable, she lies down and stays put until the babies are born.  In my experience, the girls have always begun building their nests in the morning and starting giving birth at dusk.

My pigs are pampered, so I am there with them through the whole process.  I believe that the outcome is better if I’m there to assist.

It’s walking away after they have all been born that is the hardest part.  You see, my sows are huge and the babies are tiny!  Nothing is more heartbreaking than finding a little baby that didn’t get out of the way in time and has suffocated.  But Gloucestershire Old Spot sows are known for being good mothers.  In their last two litters, both of my girls raised all of their babies without any casualties.

I sell the babies as meat pigs or breeders, which ever I have a market for.  My pigs are usually sold before they are born.  Right now I do have a couple of young boars available for purchase, and two gilts (a female that has not had a litter yet) that I purchased as breeders for me but am considering selling to save some pasture space.

If you ever want to visit my pigs I’d be happy to introduce you!  For more information about this fascinating heritage breed hog, visit GOSPBU.org.

Marion is nest building

Marion is nest building

Nerve Wracking!  Tiny babies.

Nerve Wracking! Tiny babies.

Marion in labor in her house

Marion in labor in her house

Two heads snuggled down

Two heads snuggled down

IMG_0774 IMG_0777

Cute baby human holding cute baby pig

Cute baby human holding cute baby pig

The midwives catching baby pigs

The midwives catching baby pigs


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